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Beautifully Simple Encryption Services for Email, Documents and Workspaces

DDM Security Systems is proud to be the Egress channel partner in Asia Pacific.

Egress Technologies is the leading provider of industry and government-certified encryption services that gives customers the choice and control over how they securely share sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.

The award winning Egress platform offers Public Sector and Enterprise customers an integrated suite of encryption services – encompassing Secure Email, large File Transfer, Webforms and Workspaces – enabling end-users to share and collaborate any data securely.

Whether sending information via email or large file transfer, or collaborating on confidential documents in a secure workspace, the Egress portfolio offers flexibility over deployment and user federation, choice over how users send and receive information, and control over how recipients handle the data shared with them.

With unique UK Government and NATO.IACD certified key management, Egress now has over 2,000 major clients and over 4.0 million users globally.

What We Offer

product classifier

Email and Document Classifier

product threat protect

Threat Protection

product email

Secure Email and File Transfer


Secure Workspace


Secure Managed File Transfer


Secure Vault

What Egress Offers

Egress manages over 2,000 global customers split across Government, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance Services, Professional and the Services sector.

The Egress approach to information security makes it affordable, easy to use, flexible and most importantly secure.


  • Protect email
  • Protect data on removable storage
  • Send large files securely
  • Automated file transfer
  • Securing the enterprise
  • Security on the move
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Transport Agent for MS Exchange
  • Document classification
  • Local Encryption
  • Mobile Encryption
  • Gateway Encryption
  • Secure Web Form
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Secure Workspace
  • Email Discovery

Encryption Services for Email, Documents and Workspaces

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A broad platform

Egress Software Technologies provides hosted and on-premises encryption services, designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in the public and private sectors using a single platform: Egress Switch. The award-winning Switch portfolio of products includes Secure Email, Secure File Transfer, Secure Web Form, and the latest online collaboration offering, Secure Workspace.

We offer our customers a truly flexible and scalable, cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid solution that caters to a variety of complex data-sharing and infrastructure needs.

A scalable platform

We have utilized AWS and Azure cloud platforms to help customers encrypt data and files using a combination of Egress services designed to seamlessly integrate with on-premises Exchange or hosted Office 365 environments, enabling end users to share confidential information securely using desktop, mobile, or web based applications.

Beautifully Simple Encryption

Egress Switch Concept

Egress Switch Package Creator

Secure Workspace

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