what we offer

Data classification add-in for Microsoft Office

Enabling organisations to apply the right levels of security and protection to documents and email content they share

  • Egress Switch Email and Document Classifier helps organisations and end-users apply visual and system identifiers (meta-data) to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

All organisations hold and distribute some level of sensitive information in both structured and unstructured data formats. Without having a detailed view of all data within the business it is very difficult to understand how to appropriately apply security measures to protect this content, and hence develop an effective data security strategy.

Being able to visually and programmatically identify and mark data with appropriate classification markings can significantly improve an organisation’s ability to control data flow and provide data loss prevention (DLP).

what we offer

Document classification with flawless integration

Switch Email and Document Classifier fits perfectly in existing workflow

  • Seamless integration of dynamically configurable classification labels in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint providing email classification and document classification
  • Classification policies integrate into Switch Secure Email encryption policies to enforce and simplify the message encryption process
  • Fully configurable end-user experience including the ability to enforce classification for any new or existing documents
  • Header and footer classification information is fully customisable based on corporate requirements, including text and branding customisation
  • Perform classification of email and Office documents at the desktop or email gateway
  • Assign dynamic policies based on user, group, or organisation-wide
  • Maintain detailed auditing and tracking of information as it enters and leaves your organisation
  • Integrate with existing DLP and content filtering tools

what we offer

Promote data security awareness

Data classification improves end-user education and behaviour

  • Combined with Egress Switch Secure Email and file encryption technology, use Switch Email and Document Classifier to educate employees, promote security awareness and change behaviour
    • Force users to classify content at the point of creation, when updating existing documents, and when distributing it via email
    • Tailor classification policies to match existing Switch encryption policies and provide a simplified end-user experience
    • Force compliance with information assurance standards such as ISO27001 where ISO27001 data classification is required
    • Interact with users via customisable dialogs and prompts

what we offer

Automatically classify and encrypt data

Apply security policy based on data classification

  • Apply security policy based on data classification
    • This integration simplifies end-user encryption and provides higher levels of DLP
    • In addition, automatic classification can be applied based on a pre-defined rule set matching keywords and regular expressions.
  • Automatic classification and encryption policies can be applied using the following criteria:
    • Detection of keywords and meta data embedded within email message body and attachments including Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and PDF
    • Automatically encrypt based on content, classification and recipient addresses to enforce security between trusted entities