Encryption Services Designed To Give You Choice And Control

Whether a government department or multinational enterprise, organisations increasingly demand highly flexible encryption services which integrate with existing infrastructure environments, secures sensitive data that needs to be shared and supports the different ways end users need to access and share information.

Which is why Egress has invested in developing encryption services that offer customers sophisticated choice and control.

Choice Over Deployment

Deciding on whether to deploy encryption services locally (on-premise), in the cloud (hosted) or a mixture of both (hybrid) will be decided by a number of factors:

  • The sensitivity of the data that needs to be shared
  • Regulation and compliance rules specific to the organisation and the market sector
  • The organisation’s geographic location
  • The existing mix of IT environment

At Egress we recognise that if an encryption service is going to be successful it needs to offer the flexibility required to give customers choice based on the above factors. Which is why our secure email, file and web form services can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid version where a customer has a mixed environment, for example on-premise Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Control Over Authentication And Federation

Ensuring user adoption and administration is key to the success of any information security solution. If users find systems hard to use, or outside of their existing work processes they will bypass them and find an easier way to share information, regardless of the lack of security.

Which is why Switch provides sophisticated single sign-on integration so that users can seamlessly access the system regardless of where it is deployed or which device it is being accessed via. The Switch Client Applications for desktop and mobile support single sign on via Microsoft Active Directory using ADFS 2 (Active Directory Federation Services). Switch also supports the SAML v2 (Secure Assertion Mark-up Language) protocol which provides simple integration into cloud and third party single sign-on providers for unified identity management.

ADFS and SAML2 make it easy for any organisation to adopt cloud services and unify identity management. Proven integration with third party services include Microsoft Azure and Ping Identity.

Choice Of How Users Access Data

Increasingly an organisations IT systems need to be able to support a disparate workforce where users work in multiple locations and access information via a varied set of applications and devices.

The Switch platform has been designed to support easy and secure access across all devices, including the desktop client, email clients including Microsoft Outlook, all major mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

Control What Recipients Do With Shared Data

In order to ensure the security of ‘shared’ information, senders need to be able to control what recipients do with the data they receive.

Egress Switch leverages a unique combination of on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure and patented key management to deliver real-time follow the data control to ensure that only authorised recipients access confidential information.

This next generation level of control and real-time auditing not only protects our clients from accidental loss, but also prevents third parties mishandling personal or sensitive data.

As a result senders can control a recipients ability to print, download, forward and even print screen information

How to manage user access in real-time

Sharing information between partners and clients demands flexible and robust technology. Don’t lose visibility the moment data leaves your control. See for yourself how Switch enables users to manage access requests in real-time, without the need to re-distribute the information.

How to send encrypted email using Outlook

Simple security is proven to be successful security. Drag and drop the files you want to share into an email, set time and date restrictions to remain in complete control, and click send. It’s really that easy!

Receiving a secure email for the first time

Accessing sensitive information you have been sent needs to be done securely but also needs to be a simple process so that you can continue to focus your day to day work. See how easy it can be.

How to share large files securely

Sharing large files sounds easy – but in reality it causes nothing but frustration. See for yourself how Egress Switch provides a fast and easy way to transfer large files – while ensuring that your information is secure at all times.

How to track encrypted information in real-time

Watch a short video that demonstrates how to track encrypted information in real-time. Using the Package Library, view package contents, monitor delivery reports, and audit user access based on geographic location.

How to revoke access to an Egress package

Egress Switch goes beyond the capabilities of traditional protection. Legacy encryption does little to prevent third parties from mishandling shared information. Using Switch, see how easy information can be instantly revoked – even after it has left your physical control.