Secure online file sharing, syncing and collaborating

Offering end-to-end data protection without compromising easy editing and sharing

  • Switch Secure Workspace helps users to share files and collaborate effectively on information and projects, whilst ensuring data is kept secure at all times.

As well as offering secure file sharing, online document editing and PDF annotation, Switch Secure Workspace can be accessed at the desktop or in Microsoft Office to easily store and retrieve sensitive data. Save email attachments straight to a zone or open sensitive documents directly in Office from secure cloud storage that is based where you want.

  • Benefits
    • Improve efficiency
    • Avoid data silos and system complexity
    • Reduce costs
    • Protect against data loss and security breaches
    • Meet necessary compliance and regulatory requirements

what we offer

Total control over shared information

Maintain information security during online project management

  • Switch Secure Workspace provides highly flexible granular permissions for individual users, ensuring only intended recipients can access and edit shared information
    • Simplify project management
    • Documents and data never leave your control, regardless of collaboration requirements
    • Add or remove users from a secure workspace at any point throughout the collaborative lifecycle
    • Control which file types can be uploaded, extending the internal management and assurance over the information being shared from within an organisation’s network
    • Includes read-only and rights management control
    • Share files from within a workspace or at the desktop using a secure link that offers real-time control, including the ability to revoke a user’s access

what we offer

Real-time online document editing

Keep sensitive data secure when collaborating online

  • Use Switch Secure Workspace to securely save documents you’re working on in Office or received in Outlook
    • Seamless integration with Office and Outlook means documents are stored securely in the cloud while always being accessible immediately at the desktop
    • Edit collaboratively online and use tracked changes, version control and sophisticated user permissions to maintain full visibility and control over all edits made
    • Create open or closed communities of users who can securely share files and work together on joint projects, from anywhere, protected by sophisticated encryption and user permission management
    • Online PDF annotation helps users markup, comment and collaborate on PDF documents

what we offer

Sophisticated yet simple document management

Secure team file sharing with role-based security

  • Detailed auditing and reporting

Each individual secure workspace offers detailed auditing and reporting, including the dates and times that users access, download, upload and annotate files. This information can be exported to meet compliance and regulatory rules.

  • Role-based security

System administrators can remain in control of their users and their content at all times. These individual user permissions can be altered throughout the lifecycle of shared information as projects develop, and extend to online editing functionality to maintain security over ongoing projects.