secure vault

Ground-breaking archiving of encrypted email content

Enhance compliance and improve business continuity

Egress Switch Secure Vault indexes, archives and makes searchable both encrypted and clear text email content, helping organisations to implement secure messaging solutions while maintaining regulatory compliance and enhancing business continuity.

Switch Secure Vault can be configured to archive all inbound, outbound, internal and journaled email. The scanning and indexing of content includes message body, meta data and any attachments, and the archive search tool delivers comprehensive results within seconds, even when email services are unavailable.

what we offer

Unparalleled search and data insight

Get the complete picture

Get the complete picture

Employees get access to their personal email archive from any location, while administrators can be given greater permissions to view email content and monitor the flow of sensitive data within their organisation. Messages can be viewed and forwarded to users’ mailboxes and attachments can be downloaded with a click of a button.

A detailed audit trail of all user and administrator actions provides powerful access controls over the search and analysis of email content. This complete archive access logging includes searches, administrator policy actions and message views. All audit information can be exported into SIEM applications or integrated into other third party audit aggregation systems via a highly flexible API.

Administrators also benefit from powerful e-discovery and compliance tools across a complete record of current and historical archive data. Switch Secure Vault helps you analyse email traffic patterns, including both plaintext and encrypted messages: information critically important for DLP and smart decision-making regarding email security.

what we offer

Advanced data governance

A comprehensive platform for e-discovery and compliance

Organisations have increasing compliance and regulation obligations. Switch Secure Vault supports these legal and regulatory compliance requirements, and helps manage the costs and complexity of remaining compliant.

General data retention regulations mandate the storing of records. As well as helping admins and users archive and organise their emails, Switch Secure Vault supports these compliance requirements along with powerful e-discovery functionality.

Switch Secure Vault helps organisations identify the legal risks and perform the internal investigations that are so crucial to a comprehensive information security strategy.

To avoid compliance issues and unauthorised admin access, Switch Secure Vault employs a highly configurable set of role-based procedures and policies. Investigations may require multiple approvals / sign-offs before a search can be performed.

what we offer

Completely flexible infrastructure

Resolves mailbox size limitations, with no need to delete emails or backups

  • Data encrypted at rest – confidentiality and integrity is assured
  • Supports cloud, on premise and hybrid implementation
  • Integrates with any existing email platform, including the ability to import existing archive data
  • Seamless Office 365 integration
  • Infinitely scalable and resilient architecture
  • Hosting and storage provider agnostic – either use one of Egress’ hosting options or store the data with a provider of your choice
  • Mailbox and journal archiving for MS Office 365, MS Exchange and Domino
  • Integrates with any SMTP or IMAP mail platform
  • Multiple authentication options including Switch ID, ADFS and SAML2 compliant IDPs
  • Tiered and monitored administration