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Secure Online Collaboration

Information sharing between individuals and organisations has become an increasingly complex challenge as new email, file transfer and online collaboration tools enter the market. If managed in isolation, organisations risk adding layers of complexity to their infrastructure and if the chosen solution lacks the necessary levels of security and access control, organisations are not only putting their corporate networks at risk but also the underlying data they share.

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Secure Workspace

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Next Generation Secure Online Collaboration

Switch Secure Workspace offers end-to-end secure collaboration as part of an extended information sharing platform. This means that no system is treated in silo and management can be handled centrally. In addition, leveraging government certified key management, Secure Workspace places security at the heart of the system whilst also maintaining Switch’s award winning ease of use.

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A Broad Information Sharing Platform

Switch Secure Workspace is a collaboration tool designed to cater for a variety of online data sharing scenarios. Leveraging patented encryption, Secure Workspace offers the ability to securely share files with built-in version control as well as capture and encrypt unstructured associated meta-data, all seamlessly integrated with existing archive and document management systems.

Real-time Online Collaboration

Switch Secure Workspace enables users to create and edit documents in real-time alongside each other. Utilising tracked changes, version control and sophisticated user permissions, Switch Secure Workspace provides full visibility and control over all edits made. Compatible with a variety of file types, Switch Secure Workspace offers functionality such as creation of text documents, spreadsheets management and collaboration on presentations with both colleagues and approved external users.

Government Certified Security

Using Government certified key management, Secure Workspace places security and real-time control firmly at the heart of information sharing while at the same time guarantees a simple user experience for both sender and recipient.